Rubicon Project’s cultural values: Harnessing the power of simplicity

cultural values v3

At our team meeting this month, we unveiled our Cultural Values v3:

  1.     Do the Right Thing
  2.     We’re on the Same Team
  3.     Reimagine & Reinvent Everything

In launching v3, we harnessed the power of simplicity. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we took our 11 Cultural Values and restructured them under these three core principles:

“Do The Right Thing” incorporates:
  • Accountability: Personal accountability is the fuel that powers our overall system of accountability.
  • Community: We pay it forward to those in need and foster a consciousness of our community.
  • Transparency: We believe in cultivating the highest level of transparency possible with our team, investors, customers and partners.
We’re on the Same Team speaks to:
  • Active Communication: We value all our relationships, both internally and externally, and effective communication is a cornerstone of all good relationships.
  • Competition: We are driven to win and believe that competition leads to innovation.
  • Excellence:  We strive for excellence in all that we do, and do not settle for the mediocre.
  • Good People: Pride drives us to win, respect and humility help us learn, and having fun celebrating our wins keeps us energized.
Reimagine & Reinvent Everything communicates:
  • Innovation: We invest our thinking and resources into change that will propel the industry and company forward.
  • Mistakes are OK: If we aren’t making mistakes, we aren’t moving fast enough. Making mistakes is the key to innovating and learning.
  • Speed: We maximize speed and efficiency through working smarter, not harder.
  • Test & Measure Everything: Testing and measuring everything enables us to be constantly improving..the Project is never finished.

Rubicon Project’s culture is the X Factor that differentiates us externally and unites us internally. Our culture encourages our team to strive to do and be their best. For that reason, growing a culture that is admired is one of the Rubicon’s Project primary goals.

As part of the unveiling of v3, we launched a Values Implementation Program (VIP) to translate our values into tangible behaviors. For VIP, each team member at Rubicon Project was asked to identify what each Cultural Value looks like in action for their specific role. Each team at Rubicon Project will then utilize those responses to define their own vision for success. This way, each team member has the opportunity to “reimagine & reinvent” our company’s core values.

Great people innovate great products, and great products attract great customers. At Rubicon Project, it all starts with our people! #CultureMatters

Courtney Chapman

Product Manager, Culture