Research: Why brands should dramatically increase spend in programmatic

Data firm Contexxt recently released research data which concludes that programmatic advertising pays off for brands — and it pays off big time. Their analysis demonstrates that buying ads programmatically can increase return on investment by 20 percent, and raise bottom line sales by 5 percent. These are figures of significant consequence for any brand looking to grow a larger and more cost-effective business.

But those optimal results won’t be realized if brands simply push money into programmatic channels without a thoughtful strategy. The key to extracting cost efficiencies and sales growth from programmatic is smart allocation across desktop, mobile, and video. Brands that are thoughtful about their channel-specific investment are the ones that will maximize returns from their overall programmatic strategy. Download “Programmatic, Proven: Why Brands Should Dramatically Increase Spend,” to read the full set of conclusions and recommendations from the research to learn how to do just that.

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