Guaranteed Orders for Sellers


Technology purpose-built to help you sell more, faster.

How does Guaranteed Orders work?

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Direct, guaranteed campaigns can be approved and executed with a single click. We automate order fulfillment, campaign management, payment flows, and billing, making sure campaigns run on time and reducing errors. That means fewer delays and discrepancies, and that means happy advertisers and happier ad ops teams.

Complete control and private settings

With Guaranteed Orders, every single order is made directly between you and the buyer. You set pricing, and you control which inventory is visible to advertisers in our automated guaranteed marketplace. You can also initiate private deals and create custom packages for your most strategic partners. When an advertiser or agency submits an order, you approve all the details, including creative, before it can go live.

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No tags, no opportunity cost

We integrate directly with your ad server, and we don’t require you to run our tags. Because our technology lives inside your ad server, you don’t have to commit a single impression to Guaranteed Orders until a guaranteed deal is made, which means there’s no opportunity cost.

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Automation to empower your sales team

Our direct sales automation tools increase sales productivity by streamlining the sales process and allowing salespeople to focus on connecting with partners and building unique marketing opportunities. Sales reps can use Guaranteed Orders to manage every aspect of the sales process digitally, including sending IOs, responding to RFPs, accepting and rejecting orders, and managing inventory packages.

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Connect with top advertisers, however they buy

There’s more than one way for buyers to access your inventory through the Guaranteed Orders platform. In addition to our automated guaranteed platform, we offer a fully extensible API that allows our buyers to make automated guaranteed functionality available through their platforms. Setting up your inventory with Guaranteed Orders puts your brand in front of thousands of new buyers in diverse environments. In every case, you maintain complete control of how your inventory is displayed and who you choose to do business with.

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Guaranteed Orders is the automated guaranteed solution chosen by the web’s best publishers…