The Orders Playbook

What’s Inside:
Don’t step foot on the ad-buying field without Rubicon Project’s Playbook to Buying Premium Media. It’s got all the plays you’ll need to take full advantage of Guaranteed Orders and Private Marketplaces to outwit the competition and drive sales. The Playbook will help you achieve any goals your marketing team might and with Rubicon Project’s new Orders platform, you’ll be in complete control.

Highlight Reel:

  • Utilize Guaranteed Orders to add an extra layer of confidence when you execute buys
  • Navigate the Private Marketplace and connect directly with publishers, sellers and buyers
  • Explore the value of Intent Marketing when used to leverage data and algorithms to find new customers
  • Learn about the power of data from an interview with Mediavest’s SVP of Ad-Tech and Platforms, Oleg Korenfeld
  • Get your marketing technology to work smarter by reading this interview with DigitasLBi’s SVP of Media, Scott Marsden