Using Guaranteed Orders and Private Marketplaces to drive advertising performance


The key to automating premium media buying is Rubicon Project’s market-leading Orders platform. The Orders platform provides clients with unparalleled access to foster one-on-one relationships between buyers and sellers.

Orders connects client needs with available premium audiences and inventory to execute campaigns quickly and effectively. Premium campaigns between buyers and sellers, and inventory discovery tools are sold directly through an online solution. Rubicon Project leverages over 50,000 algorithms and analyzes billions of data points in real-time to deliver the best results for buyers and sellers.

With Orders, every play you execute will be done quickly and expertly to maximize marketing impact. But getting the most out of Orders means bringing the strategies to bear on the platform. With this playbook, learn some strategies for using Orders to buy display, mobile, and video advertising, and hear how some of our sharpest partners have leveraged the program

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