Automating native: The exciting new kid in town

There is a new kid in town that is making waves: the intersection of Native Advertising formats and automated (or “Programmatic”) ad buying on mobile. The media and marketing industries have been waiting for standards and technical support for native ad units on mobile for a long time. But with the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.3 spec for Native Ads, the wait is over.


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Native ads are one of the most organic and engaging of all ad formats to date, because they reflect the look and feel of the app or mobile website in which they appear. Conceived and built in a mobile-first environment, instead of interrupting or jarring the small mobile screen experience, they integrate seamlessly into the intended user’s content consumption, in-stream, in-video or in-game experience.

As a result, consumers read and engage with the brand’s content, instead of being put-off by overtly commercial or “salesy” messaging. They perceive the brand’s content as being additive — making their mobile experience richer — by bringing a diversity of media and ideas to the apps they use and the mobile publishing sites they visit.

And speaking of engagement, native ads perform. Native ads deliver two to five times the value versus conventional banners to both advertisers and publishers or app developers. They create an ecosystem where brands can capture consumer mindshare by being part of consumers’ everyday moments.

“Custom content is an important part of communicating with our audience. Native ads as a delivery mechanism of that content allow us to have an experience that is user-friendly. The next logical step is personalization of this content while still being able to deliver at scale,” said Oleg Korenfeld, SVP, Ad Technology & Platforms, MediaVest. “This is why it’s exciting to see programmatic buying methods becoming more available for native executions.”

And with the IAB’s OpenRTB 2.3, the simplicity of standardization and efficiency of programmatic buying has finally come to Native ad formats. The new specification has simplified and unified the process of creating and rendering Native campaigns, and buyers everywhere are ready to jump in.

On June 2, Rubicon Project and InMobi added support for mobile native and mobile video formats to the InMobi Exchange. Watch the video below to learn more and/or complete the intake form below to get started.