Rubicon Project Partners with Google on GDN Cross-Exchange Remarketing Program

We are very pleased to share that earlier this week Google announced that it would be “extending the reach of GDN remarketing campaigns” giving remarketing advertisers “access to cross-exchange inventory, which includes more websites and apps around the world.” The announcement was made live from Google’s Performance Summit in San Francisco.

We’re happy to share that Rubicon Project is one of the partners with Google in this cross-exchange effort with the objective of increasing remarketing reach. With today’s announcement, Rubicon Project anticipates making increased remarketing demand from the Google Display Network (GDN) available to our publishers and app developers globally.

GDN remarketing campaigns will now be available to also run across the Rubicon Project marketplace, allowing advertisers increased access to their desired audiences within Rubicon Project’s premium marketplace – one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world reaching approximately one billion consumers globally. Never before have the publishers live on Rubicon Project’s platform had access to this specific demand.

Through the expanded partnership, Rubicon Project’s marketplace will provide broader reach that can enhance GDN remarketing performance.

Rubicon Project’s leading technology and seamless integrations enable publishers on our platform to have consistent demand, while also enabling advertisers to have access to premium publications. Effective immediately, all GDN remarketing campaigns are automatically eligible to show ads within Rubicon Project’s marketplace, and there’s no need to make any changes.