Outsourcing advertising automation in the age of APIs
We built an advertising automation engine so our partners can get back to what they do best

Media companies and mobile developers face some fundamental challenges in the current era.

At their core, those challenges revolve around developing or facilitating relevant content and user experiences for today’s audiences. As consumer habits continue to shift and digital users get access to an ever-growing number of content sources, these companies have been putting a lot of thought and resources into making their products competitive.

This “innovation” is an exciting development for media companies and developers of all stripes. But given the scope of these challenges and opportunities, can these same companies really afford to become best-in-class advertising technology players too?

Building automation technology is complicated work

Based on what I know firsthand about the amount of work and expertise it takes to build industry-leading advertising automation technology, I know that it’s a major undertaking that would distract from these media companies’ core focus. That is why Rubicon Project has focused so intently over the past few years on building our Open Platform, and specifically on engineering our Exchange API (xAPI).

Monetizing media is complicated work that only an advanced set of technologies can take on. The demand landscape – the set of players buying digital media on brands’ behalf – has become more and more fragmented. This has resulted in the incredibly complicated problem for publishers of ensuring that demand is allocated across inventory in a way that makes them the most money. What’s more, buyers and sellers are increasingly using automation to transact their premium deals.

To address this, our xAPI enables Rubicon Project’s partners to build into our robust backend and take advantage of our sophisticated auction technology, yield optimization algorithms, and demand integrations, as well as our engineering and infrastructure resources. This frees them up to focus on what they do best, whether that be running a media company, an app development company, or an adserver.

The result? Partners can unify direct and programmatic demand in a single auction to ensure they are providing the best yield for every impression, which maximizes sellers’ revenue potential. Previously, a majority of sellers manually prioritized campaigns in their ad servers based on price and priority assumptions that were not dynamic. With access to the cutting edge in unified auction technology, sellers can now let Rubicon Project become the workhorse for a sophisticated yield management schema that maximizes revenue across all the ways buyers can purchase their media.

Everybody wins when companies specialize

Smart companies outsource non-core functions in the way our partners do with xAPI all the time, and across all types of industries. Many manufacturing companies employ third-party distribution and logistics firms to get their wares to the right people at the right time. And recently, leading rideshare company Uber began expanding its UberEats food delivery service, leveraging its proven urban transit technology and infrastructure to let restaurants get back to their primary business: preparing food. Doing this enables companies to reinvest the time and money they save into executing against their core businesses.

We’ve already seen this type of separation work well within our own partner set. InMobi, the first partner to integrate with our Exchange API, merged their expertise in mobile native and video formats, their relationships with thousands of mobile app developers, and Rubicon Project’s mobile native and video automation capability in order to drive automated demand for their mobile app clientele, all through a single point of integration.

Our other partners benefit similarly from outsourcing advertising technology to Rubicon Project via an xAPI integration. Along with the rest of Rubicon Project’s Open Platform, xAPI is not only an excellent way for digital sellers to maximize revenue, it also represents a smarter way for them to run their businesses in general. By availing themselves of the infrastructure, engineering, product development, talent, and institutional knowledge we’ve developed over the years given our singular focus on advertising automation, these sellers can have it both ways: having direct access to vanguard automation technology and capabilities, while supercharging innovation against their core businesses.

To learn more about our Rubicon Project’s Exchange API, visit content.rubiconproject.com/xapi.