Guaranteed Orders for Buyers


Buy reserved inventory with the click of a button

Execute a media plan in minutes

Combine all the benefits of buying directly with the efficiency of automation.buyer seller landscape

Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders is an end-to-end solution for negotiation and execution of digital media buys. This represents the first platform to directly connect you to sellers – from ad server to ad server – eliminating many of the manual, intensive tasks historically required to get a media buy live, and streamlining the workflow for directly sold campaigns.

Use Guaranteed Orders to buy well-defined, guaranteed inventory directly from premium publishers. We never blend inventory from multiple publishers or placements, so you always know exactly what you’re buying.

How it works: Guaranteed Orders Publisher Catalog

You can search for properties or products within the Guaranteed Orders platform. Find publishers by name, comScore audience data, or search for a specific product offering like roadblocks or sponsorships.

If you don’t have a specific publisher in mind, you can search by IAB filter and/or by comScore demographic data. For example, you could isolate all sites that index greater than 125 for women between 18-24.

On a publisher’s property page, you can see which products they’ve made visible within Guaranteed Orders, as well as comScore and publisher-reported audience data. You can create your own media plan by adding individual ad products to a campaign, or you can send an RFP.

orders search ui

RFP and Campaign Management

Manage all outbound RFPs and publisher responses in a centralized dashboard that displays status, and highlights action items required by you or the publisher.

Negotiation and Messaging

Once you’ve received an RFP response or created a new media plan, you can negotiate within the platform by creating counteroffers, or by sending messages via the platform, as part of an entirely digital workflow and audit log for all orders.

Campaign Maintenance and Monitoring

Once you and the publisher have signed the digital IO, you can upload your creative assets. Upon approval, creatives are pushed directly into the publisher ad server, eliminating delays. Monitor pacing, send messages to publishers, or send order change requests to update live campaigns.

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A few of the premium publishers in our catalog…