Go in-depth on automation and consumer behavior

Video formats, private marketplaces and location-enabled buying will dominate mobile advertising in 2016. Read on for in-depth research detailing how buyers and sellers can take advantage of the current state of mobile advertising. Read more >>

This document explains why this model is the most effective way of transacting digital advertising for buyers and sellers alike, outlines the auction conditions required to maintain equilibrium between the two sides, and explains what happens when these conditions are no longer met. Read more >>

In this study, we take an in-depth look at the current attitudes, beliefs, and experiences of advertisers with regards to automated buying. Through a series of in-depth interviews with some of the brightest minds in media, representing a cross-section of companies, we’ve identified the prevalent motivators for increasing automated spend, as well as the challenges that exist within the space. Read more >>

The second Rubicon Project Consumer Pulse – a nationwide survey of 1,000 parents – offers a detailed look at the consumer habits driving back-to-school shopping budgets in 2015. Learn how much they plan to spend, when they plan to start shopping, and what types of school supplies they plan to purchase. Read more >>

How do online ads shape intent for Valentine’s Day purchases? How much do buyers plan to spend? How does mobile factor into buying habits? And how can buyers and sellers take advantage of this trend? Our Consumer Pulse: Valentine’s Day 2015 report, a nationwide survey of 1,000 digital buyers – offers data that can answer those questions. Read more >>