1XL Joins forces with Rubicon Project

Strategic alliance grants UK advertisers effective localised advertising at a national scale.

LONDON, APRIL 12, 2016: Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces worldwide, has announced it is the primary programmatic partner for UK publisher co-operative 1XL, making it the 10th co-operative worldwide to integrate with its leading technology platform.

The 1XL co-operative is made up of over 30 established UK regional publishers, including Johnston Press, Newsquest, Archant, Independent News and DC Thomson, who together account for over 800 sites across the UK and Ireland. By joining forces and combining both their unique inventory and audience data, the publishers have a de-duplicated reach exceeding 25 million users, garnering a billion ad impressions a month [ComScore February 2016].

For buyers, the alliance between these publishers means they are able to access highly engaged local audiences, at multiple levels of priority, through a single buying platform. In addition to open RTB, the partnership with Rubicon Project allows buyers to bid on first party audiences, such as mothers and sports enthusiasts, via private marketplaces, as well as buy inventory on an ‘automated guaranteed’ basis.

James Brown, Managing Director for UK and Ireland, Rubicon Project, commented: “This is a really exciting proposition and one Rubicon Project are proud to be powering. The aggregation of these regional publishers’ inventory and data assets means 1XL is able to provide advertisers a unique opportunity in the UK.”

Scott Gill, Managing Director at 1XL, added: “As part of the Mediaforce Group, 1XL is able to access its planning expertise in regional press to help digital buyers’ campaigns outperform the market.  We are thrilled to partner with the Rubicon Project to help buyers access the power of premium local audiences through automated channels.”