AdJoin launches as Africa’s first publisher co-operative

Co-op to be the 10th worldwide powered by Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), together with MaxAxion and Kagiso, today announced the launch of the AdJoin Africa publisher co-operative, the first digital advertising consortium of South Africa’s most influential publishers. Powered by leading global technology platform Rubicon Project, buyers and advertisers as part of AdJoin will have exclusive access to premium local audiences across the entirety of Africa.

Launching in April 2016, AdJoin represents the ideal solution for local campaigns and global buyers looking to reach the African marketplace at scale, bringing together both its own and 3rd party media partners. For advertisers, the co-op provides one single programmatic solution for driving influence at scale and allowing them to cut-through an increasingly fragmented market. Buyers can use first-party data and the most creative, engaging advertising formats on the market, Display, Rich Media, Native and Video in one simple programmatic buy.

AdJoin has been met with great enthusiasm by key agencies and buyers throughout Africa. The announcement took place at the recent Programmatic Summit, a conference hosted in Cape Town on March 9th that showcased the future of programmatic marketing to the mobile and advertising industries.

Daniel Courtenay, CEO for MaxAxion, commented: “It’s an exciting time at MaxAxion as we see this almost two year long project come to fruition through Rubicon Project’s technology platform. Having the ability to access premium audiences is compelling for both brands and agencies as we look to disrupt a market once monopolised by the larger media houses,” said Daniel Courtenay, CEO, MaxAxion.

Vincent Maher, Kagiso Media’s Head of Innovation commented: “Automated media buying is the future of digital advertising and AdJoin gives publishers the benefits of scale and advertisers what they have been looking for from digital all along, simplicity.”

AdJoin selected Rubicon Project based on their experience as a platform for multiple publisher cooperatives around the world and the renowned success of initiatives such as global co-op The Pangaea Alliance and La Place Media in France, where competitive publishers have banded together in countries such as France, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Their service offers buyers around the world an unparalleled reach of premium audiences enriched with data. Oliver Whitten, Head of International for Rubicon Project commented: “We are thrilled to be powering AdJoin, the first publisher co-op in Africa. The aggregation of these regional publishers’ inventory and data assets means AdJoin media owners are able to offer advertisers a great proposition to rival that of digital giants in terms of continental reach and data.”

AdJoin is the first publisher co-op Rubicon Project has powered in Africa and the 10th globally, and with this collaboration it will deliver programmatic innovation and scale within trusted and respected media environments.

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