Are you ready for 2016 Political Advertising?

election2016_whitebgIn the coming weeks Rubicon Project will begin a series of correspondence related to 2016 political advertising preparedness. We have dedicated internal resources to preparing our partners for the upcoming season. From senior political strategy insights and connections with the biggest buyers on both sides of the isle to dedicated boots on the ground resources, Rubicon Project is helping to shape digital political engagement for 2016.

What we are hearing from our buyers is a need for a more streamlined and efficient way of discovering publisher direct inventory for their specific campaign needs, and our industry leading Orders solutions have positioned us to best support their buying needs.

We all recognize the reality of the 2016 digital political advertising season – a significant majority of outreach will focus within the search and the walled gardens of social.  However, given the sheer size of the incremental spending in 2016, this still leaves approximately a quarter of a billion dollars to be spent targeting, engaging and persuading voters via digital outlets.  The bulk of this spend will focus on video and mobile and will flow through private marketplaces, and reserved direct deals.

Our team is prepared to help you provide buyers not only with the appropriate tools to access and buy your inventory but also with the knowledge to make quick, scalable decisions when it comes to their specific needs. Political campaigns speak in different languages and they care less about large saturation campaigns and much more about targeted, state specific, issue and demographic specific efforts.

If you are planning political packages for the election season we want to hear from you as soon as possible to help provide feedback about your inventory via our political advertising seller survey that will help Rubicon Project inform our buyers of your inventory. In return, our ground team will keep you informed of inventory needs, updates from the field, and help to relay your unique capabilities and products to our buyers.

We hope you plan to be a part of one of the biggest digital election cycles in history.