Rubicon Project publie sa troisième enquête annuelle sur les acheteurs mobiles lors du Mobile World Congress

Paris, March 5, 2015Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), a technology company whose mission is to automate the buying and selling advertising around the world, today announced the main results of its 2015 Survey mobile buyers, announced at the Mobile World Congress. The annual survey reflects the vision of some of the most important trading desks worldwide.

The study of ad targeting professionals was conducted in January and February 2015; it highlights the rapid change of priorities in the mobile marketing.

The results show that worldwide spending on mobile advertising for native will more than double in 2015 because buyers spend a larger share of mobile marketing budgets to these formats. The Trading Desks provide that the native advertising will represent 13% of global mobile spending in 2015; more than double compared to 5% in 2014.

The survey also revealed that the automated purchase of the mobile advertising will guarantee also be required in 2015. Trading Desks require more inventory and premium locations that are correlated with the advertising objectives of their clients . 81% of respondents indicated that ensuring programmatic purchase was a priority for them this year.

The US market is the largest country in terms of spending in the native mobile advertising. The Trading Desks provide moreover, that the native market will grow rapidly, reaching 16% of overall mobile spending, a sharp increase with a rate five times higher than 3% in 2014.

However the standard formats are the type of mobile advertising most requested by international buyers (representing 46% of expenditure), but formats such as rich media (27%), video (17%) and native (10% ) are gaining popularity in all countries.

Joe Prusz, Head of Mobile, Rubicon Project, commented: “The study of mobile buyers Rubicon Project demonstrates that they are not only likely to increase their budget for mobile but rapidly gain expertise in the mobile automation, with a focus on the most innovative formats. The results of our research indicate a significant increase in advertising spending on mobile. Buyers are finally realizing the full potential of mobile in the digital marketing mix. “

Jay Stevens, General Manager International, Rubicon Project, added: “The major trends revealed by the Survey of mobile shoppers this year show how quickly mobile advertising is evolving. Native mobile advertising was not even available to purchasers before 2014, and will now represent 13% of mobile advertising spending in 2015.