Buying and selling guaranteed digital advertising can be costly and slow.

Rubicon Project’s Seller Cloud Self-Serve feature enables sellers to create and manage one-to-one buying relationships with their medium and smaller buyers, insides sales teams and with walk-up advertisers that want to deal directly with the seller. Learn more about how Self-Serve can help customers from each of the categories below, and contact us to get started!


“Walk-Up” local and small business


Independent Small/Medium Buyers


Inside or Local Sales Teams


Channel Partners



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How It Works

  1. Choose Your Storefront – create a Public and/or Private white labeled storefront
  2. Create your Product Catalog – define products and packages, associated targeting and pricing and your required approval workflow.  
  3. Open Up shop – Alert buyers to your storefront and watch your revenue grow!



Automated Workflow

  • Buyers can upload creative or easily build their own creative within our tool and automatically receive tear-sheets. Once campaigns are live, change requests can be automatically submitted and executed without picking up the phone. Our automated payment process ensures end of month billing is complete, accurate and auditable.


  • Self-Serve has integrations with 8 industry leading ad servers and supports all targeting capabilities including zip code and key value pairs. Integrations with CRM systems, like, reduces re-keying of data and our integration with The Media Trust provides seamless ad tag validation, all within our platform.

Platform Capabilities

  • Self-Serve provides sellers with full control over their product catalog, targeting, pricing approval requirements and user permissions. The platform supports all formats across all devices including display, mobile, video and native. All standard pricing models, currencies and languages are also supported.