SellerCloud_white Self-Serve

Buying and selling guaranteed digital advertising can be costly and slow.

Rubicon Project’s Seller Cloud Self-Serve enables sellers to create and manage one-to-one buying relationships with their medium and smaller agencies, and with walk-up advertisers that want to deal directly with the seller. Learn more about how this platform can help customers from each of the categories below, and contact us to get started!

Seller Cloud Self-Serve for Direct Sales

How It Works

  1. A publisher’s direct sales team searches for pre-defined ad products, adding them to an Insertion Order by specifying delivery goals, targeting and creative. The IO is submitted for approval by the publisher once all line-items have been added.
  2. Once the IO has been approved by the publisher, it is inserted into the publisher’s ad server and then monitored by the Seller Cloud Self-Serve platform. That IO can also be pushed back into
  3. Direct Sales and the advertiser can monitor the IO as well as request changes to any campaign setting.