SellerCloud_white Self-Serve

Buying and selling guaranteed digital advertising can be costly and slow.

Rubicon Project’s Seller Cloud self-serve feature enables sellers to create and mange one-to-one buying relationships with their medium and smaller agencies, and with walk-up advertisers that want to deal directly with the seller. Learn more about how self-serve can help customers from each of the categories below, and contact us to get started!

Self-Serve Orders for Small Advertisers

How It Works

Select | Review | Purchase
  1. Smaller advertiser (less than $10k/month ad spend budget) visits publisher’s site and clicks on “Advertise Here” link. They’re then directed to a self-serve page.
  2. Advertiser reviews pricing, uploads or creates their banner ad image and selects targeting options.
  3. Advertiser pays, the publisher approves their ad, and the ad starts delivering on the publisher’s ad server. Publisher receives a monthly payment for the order.